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Synergy Research was founded in 1990. It is a privately held company, centrally located in Northern New Jersey (minutes from New York City). Synergy Research is all about bringing together the necessary talent and resources, combining individual strengths, assembling the creativity and experience, in all aspects of the scientific, clinical and regulatory process. We engage the best scientists and clinicians for a given program, then position your product with the know-how and backing as key opinion leaders at launch. This philosophy is not only well proven, but essential in today’s crowded and noisy marketplace. This philosophy is what sets Synergy far apart and well beyond all our competition.



Time Reduction & Cost Savings

Time remains the highest cost in drug & device research and development. According to PharmaVoice the direct cost associated with extending a study is estimated to be $40,000 a day. Further complicating the playing field is today’s difficulties with respect to patent protection of your intellectual property. We completely understand the need to get products approved and in the market quickly. Synergy aggressively pursues the fastest routes to market; be it the latest information technologies, the most expeditious regulatory strategies, the most effective clinical implementation of protocols, and most certainly a dedicated team of understanding hard-working staff that serves as an extension of your organization.


Appreciating the balance between “How To” versus the “Why not” makes pharmaceutical research rewarding. We believe that our energy is complemented by our industry experience. We understand the bumps in the road, when to proceed, how to succeed, and apply creative solutions to unexpected problems. By proactively managing your project, we work to solve common problems before they happen.

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