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Leveraging our in-house strengths in drug & device strategic development, we bring together partners in a tri-partite fashion.


Developing Life Science projects in today's climate is an extraordinary challenge.  Financial markets have amplified the challenges facing young start-up companies.  As a research organization, we engage and utilize all our past resources and experience in order to assist your start-up company on it's growth path towards commercialization.  As a partner in your development program, we work within our past portfolio of experiences, finding partnerships for development, licensing opportunities, global programs included, via our clients in Asia and Europe.  Our portfolio of experience reaches dozens of senior life science development executives, each with 15-30 years experience, adding up to 100's of years of contacts and partnerships around the globe.  We tap into this asset to promote and further your development effort.


The premise of building some sex-appeal into a young developing product is a given.  Get some well grounded preclinical data, establish a well rooted scientific knowledge on the use of the product within the current standards of the indication in specific fashion, then adding the components demonstrating proof-of-concept, ample enough to engage partnership goals.


What's not a given is our specific efforts and experience in targeting this program to streamline, reduce dead ends, help build partnerships that are meaningful, productive, and lead to commercialization. Our efforts reach back to our 100s of years experience, contacts, collaborations, failed and successful product programs, global reaching histories.  Finally, most important is, this all needs to be done on a time line and budget that allows a start-up company to survive today's financial climate.


The challenge is; knowing what-to-do as well as what-not-to-do.


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