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Europe & Asia
​Experienced US, European and Asian partners

​Experience via our US staff, or working with our European and Asian partners/contract consultants, our reach extends globally.


Synergy is focused on providing foreign pharmaceutical companies with the services they need to successfully enter the U.S. market.  In effect, Synergy serves as an "in-country caretaker" for its foreign customers.  Synergy Research can assist with regulatory affairs, clinical research including pre-clinical through regulatory approval, and creating a market presence in the United States.  
This concept has helped many startup firms secure funding to further R&D effort.

"By using Synergy Research as their local operations, Synergy Research's clients will be able to create their own stable presence in the U.S. market with minimal investment" explains Mario Guralnik, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Research. "We can help them meet the challenges of moving from a 'virtual' to a 'brick and mortar' company with a presence in the United States."

Synergy Research's New Jersey facility provides an ideal location to the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street.  It also allows access to its employees' broad range of skills, industry contacts, and experience to develop pharmaceutical products for foreign firms.

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