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We know the value of utilizing cutting-edge biostatistics approaches and validated processes and are committed to reducing or eliminating potential challenges with our expertise in statistics to design clinical trials, analyze data, and interpret results.

Our services can include:

  • Study design: Collaborating with Sponsors to design clinical trials that are scientifically sound and efficient. This includes determining sample size, selecting study population, and developing appropriate data collection methods and statistical analysis plans (SAP)

  • Data analysis: Utilizing statistical methods to analyze clinical trial data and Real-World Data (RWD). This includes developing statistical models, performing hypothesis tests, and calculating confidence intervals

  • Data interpretation: Interpreting results of clinical trials/RWD and communicating them to stakeholders, regulatory agencies, and the public. This includes writing statistical reports and presenting the results at scientific meetings

  • Independent data monitoring committee (see DMC/DSMB)

Contact us to discuss biostatistics support for your program. 

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