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Health Economics and Outcomes Research

The fast pace of drug development in the global marketplace pressures Sponsors to communicate value and maximize access to new treatments.  Defining treatment value in today’s complex environment is challenging and must begin at the earliest possible time within your development program. 

We offer our HEOR expertise as early as Phase 2, so that Sponsors can get ahead of the curve, while recognizing that HEOR principles, this early on, must not be burdensome to the development program.  They should be structured as nominal facets of your program yet offer future insight to advance and communicate value of the treatment, so that later phase HEOR programs are better equipped for optimal decision-making.

We can advise you on the following HEOR topics:

  • Patient reported outcomes (PRO)

  • Real World Data (RWD)/Real World Evidence (RWE)

  • Early Outcomes Measures Assessment

  • Patient Outcome Registries

  • Observational Research

  • Treatment Values and Outcomes

  • Retrospective Data Review

  • Patient Experience Surveys

Contact us to discuss how implementing HOER metrics can empower your drug development program.

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