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John Somberg

John Somberg, MD, FAHA

Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at Rush University, Chicago, IL. Chief Division of Clinical Pharmacology. Editor of the American Journal Therapeutics and serves as the Director of the Masters Program in Clinical Research at Rush University. Dr. Somberg has published over 200 publications in peer reviewed Journals and authored three books, one on Cardiac Arrhythmias and another on Cardiovascular Drug Development. Dr. Somberg has conducted, as the principle investigator, over 50 randomized clinical trials and in conjunction with the Cardio-Renal Division of the FDA has organized a course on Cardiovascular Drug Development for over 25 years. Dr. Somberg currently serves on the FDA Circulatory Devices Advisory Panel. He has served as President of Academic Pharmaceuticals, a company that has licensed two compounds, obtained two orphan drug designations and one successful NDA. Previously, Dr. Somberg was Chief of Cardiology at the Chicago Medical School and before that Directed the Cardiac Arrhythmia Service at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. At Rush University he teaches the graduate course on Drug Discovery and Development the U.S. Regulatory Process, Introduction to Clinical Trials, and the more advanced course, Clinical Trials II, as well as the Advanced Graduate Series on Reading in Clinical Research. Dr. Somberg is also on the Editorial Boards of the Am J Cardiology and Cardiology.

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