In vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay

Trevigen offers a validated assay with higher sensitivity and pre-coated antibody plates to measure the effectiveness of PARP inhibitors in cell and tissue lysates for anticancer drug screening. In cancer drug development, a current molecular target of high interest is poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP), which is involved in DNA repair and the survival or death of cancer cells. Measuring the effectiveness of PARP inhibitors in cell and tissue lysates has been difficult and time consuming due to a lack of refined immunological reagents in an optimized and quantitative assay. Trevigen’s HT PARP in vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay II is a high throughput, Chemiluminescent, PAR ELISA assay kit that has been validated on human peripheral blood lymphocytes and also shown to work with normal and tumor tissue. The assay features pre-coated capture antibody plates, broad linear dynamic range to 1,000 pg/ml, high signal to noise ratio, and detection sensitivity of 2 pg/ml of PAR. The amount of PAR present correlates directly with the activity of the PARP enzyme in cell lysates. The assay can be used to quantify PAR in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, tissues, and cultured cells. Source: Trevigen, Inc.


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